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Board of Management


Associate Professor, Doctor Nguyen Trong Co, Meritorious Trainer, Senior Higher Education Lecturer – President of Academy of Finance.

  • AOF’s President is the highest level managerial official, a person in charge of organizational strategic policies and management activities. The President is responsible for submission of annual or unscheduled report to Minister of Finance in terms of AOF’s overall performance.
  • President is the highest-level official in the decisions related to human resource; academic administration; political and social affairs; internal monitoring; emulation and commendation; press and news; academic inspection; training and consulting.
  • An official in charge of giving guidances and administering such lower units as: Administration Office; Human Resource Management; Academic Inspection Service; Financial Accounting Study Magazin; Financial Accounting Training and Consulting Center; Faculty of Corporate Finance; Faculty of Economic Information System.
Vice Presidents:  

Associate Professor, Doctor Pham Van Lien

  • Who assists president in scientific research; international cooperation; and part-time study activities.
  • Directly manages and monitors general performance of such lower units as: Scientific Research Management; International Collaboration ; Faculty of Part-time Study; Faculty of Economics; Faculty of Public Finance; Faculty of Theoretical Politics Studies; Institute of Economics and Finance Studies; Institute of International Finance Education.

Associate Professor, Doctor Truong Thi Thuy

  • She gives managerial assistance to the AOF’s President in Higher Education training programs of levels such as full-time, second-degree, and top-up. She also offers guidelines and monitoring to overall performance of student-affair administration.
  • Direct management and monitoring toward general performance of lower units: Training Management Department; Faculty of Business Administration; Faculty of Banking and Insurance; Faculty of Tax and Custom; Faculty of Languages; Language and Informatic Technology Training Center.

Associate Professor, Doctor Nguyen Vu Viet

  • He is the person in charge of financial issues, infrastucture development projects, strategic decisions on technology advancement and post-graduate programs.

Directly manages and monitors general performance of lower units: Finance Accounting Department, Academy Project Management Department; Facility Procurement Unit; Academic Library; Center of Informatic Technology; Center of Medical Services; Faculty of Post-graduated Training; Faculty of Accounting; Faculty of Fundamental Theories; Faculty of International Finance.


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