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Monday, December 19, 2016 00:42

Specific Seminar "Implementation of output-standard oriented language training program"
On December 8th 2016, a seminar on "Implementation of output-standard oriented language training program" had been held by Faculty of Languages at Meeting Room A, AOF.

The seminar was attended by invited presenters such as MA. Pham Minh Viet - Vice Director of Training Department; MA. Truong Thi Van Ly - Vice Director of CFI; MA. Pham Thi Lan Phuong; Dean of Language Faculty and entire lecturers and staff of Language Faculty, AOF.

The event was crowded with representatives

At the event, 4 groups of presenters demonstrated their specific researches on the language standard output issue. MA. Vu Thi Phuong - a presenter stated that output standard was a determinant that create positive drive on the students, hence, she recommended enhancement of the lectures that were output standard oriented.

MA. Vu Thi Phuong gave her speech

In addition, other authors also put forward comparisons between current lectures and that of TOEIC program. This helped opening a new way for the future researches.

Author Bui Tuyet Mai gave her presentation

MA. Pham Minh Viet gave his speech

MA. Truong Thi Van Ly

MA. Pham Thi Lan Phuong thanked the presenters for their contribution to the seminar, she also appreciated the in-depth researches of the authors and stated that those contributions would be bases for future improvements of the language training at the Faculty.

MA. Pham Thi Lan Phuong at the seminar

Images of the seminar:

Source: Faculty of Languages, AOF

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