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Tuesday, December 20, 2016 16:37

Looking back at the Contest “Future CFO 2016”
The Final Round of “Future CFO 2016” had taken place on November 13th 2016, Conference Hall 700 AOF in extreme breathtaking and excited air. This annual contest can be seen as a mosaic that shaped from confidence of the teams; the dark colors indicate the magnitude of the contest size; the light colors indicate the richness in knowledge and skills in organizing; the vivid colors indicate the excitement, breathtaking air, etc.,.

At the Final Round, there were attendances of Vice President and other leaders of related divisions in AOF. There were also representatives from recognized organizations such as ACCA, CPA Australia and other big firms operating in Vietnam.

Vice President Pham Van Lien and Dean of Corporate Finance Faculty present flowers and gifts to sponsors

“CFO – The Future Chief Financial Officer” is a very exciting learning game host by Corporate Finance Faculty, AOF. In this playground, the students are free drama makers in order to introduce the career as a CFO; also in this game, they will show both professional excellence and trouble addressing for cases in typical firms. Having a long history of more than 10 years since the first game was introduced in 2007, CFO now has become very popular to AOF students and even the students from universities of economics in Vietnam.

The teams “on stage”

Assoc. Prof., Dr. Bui Van Van – Dean of Corporate Finance Faculty and Dr. Nguyen Minh Hoang award the 1st prize to the CFO 2016 winner - “Go Up!” team

Ms. Le Thi Ngoc Ha – ACCA Representative, Dr. Nguyen Thi Ha – Vice Dean of Corporate Finance Faculty and Dr. Nguyen Ho Phi Ha – Vice Head of Property Appraisal Department award the 2nd prize “ to “Loco” team

Ms. Pham Mai Phuong – CPA Australia Representative and MA. Luu Huu Duc award prize to the 3rd winner team – the Banana

Representative from Hanoi Parkco., Ltd award the 3rd prize to the team “Avengers”

Many additional prizes had been awarded

More images of the game show:


Source: Faculty of Corporate Finance, AOF

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