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Tuesday, January 17, 2017 01:00

State Budget 2016 - The way to final night
After a short time to prepare expeditiously, contest "SB 2016 (State Budget): "Student Corner" with the theme: "State Budget publicity and transparency" has officially started. The contest is organized by the Public Finance Club, with the companionship of the BTAP, CDI and funds from UNICEF, EC, OXFAM. The contest is open for the purpose of creating an ideal playground forming sharp arguments, the multi-dimensional look and subtle sensory issues and social expertise of students in the City Hanoi.

Round 1 of the competition was held in the form of online test during the period from 12/28/2016 until 04/01/2017, within the 1st round there had been more than 100 contestants from many universities around Hanoi as the National Economics University, Hanoi University of Technology ... and especially a large number of students of AOF. With the assistance of the advisory committee to the Department of Public Financial Management (Academy of Finance), the organizers have chosen the 21 best candidates to step into the ring 2 - Identification.

On 07/01/2016, A meeting took place for contestants who qualified for the 2nd round at meeting room A (Academy of Finance) with the participation of Dr. Bui Tien Hanh - Deputy Head of Department Public Finance Management - Representative Advisory Board, Vietnamese Duong Thi Anh - CEO, CDI and Mr. Pham Van Hao - Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union AOF.

The meeting took place with the aim to help the candidates to familiarize with the team, meet the advisory board and what more is to answer all the questions related to the topics of 2nd round.

Candidates meeting the Advisory Board and the Organizing Committee

Round 2 of SB 2016 officially took place at Capital Garden Hotel - No. 4, Hoang Ngoc Phach - Lang Ha - Dong Da - Hanoi on 08/01/2017. In round 2, the contestants had the opportunity to experience real issues related to the contest topic.

Judgment Board

Presentations of the teams

Candidates with the Judgment Board

After an impressive presentation contest, the Judgment Board had selected the best four teams to the 3rd round of the competition.

Round 3 of SB 2016 will officially take place in Hall at 18h00, Conference Hall 700 AOF. Final round promises to bring more exciting experience to all the contestants and the audiences.

SB 2016 Organizing Committee: Student Corner

Public Finance Club

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