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Economics Olympic Contest 2017 – A breathing final round
“Economics Olympic Contest” has been an annual contest copyright by AOF’s Youth Union – Student Club for Scientific Research in the hope for making a playground for the students of universities in Hanoi and creating opportunities for them to discover and do research activities in both local and global economic issues, to exchange experience and academic background with students out of AOF, etc.

After a tournament from group stage, semi-final and professional to final round, in the evening May 28th 2017, the Final Economics Olympic Contest 2017 took place at AOF Conference Hall 700 in Hanoi. This is the 11th annual event with various updated features in terms of both competition contents and methods that attracts student communities city-wide from around Hanoi.

The contest Judge Board’s members were: Assoc. Prof., Dr. Nguyen Tien Thuan – Dean of International Finance Faculty, Assoc. Prof., Dr. Dinh Van Hai – Vice Dean of Economics Faculty, Assoc. Prof., Dr. Vu Thi vinh – Dean of Politics Studies Faculty, Assoc. Prof., Dr. Nguyen Xuan Thach – Director of Political and Student Affairs, Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Tam M.A – Lecturer of English.

The Contest Judge Board

The Final Night “Economics Olympic Contest 2017” was an extreme competitive event for 8 candidates (04 teams) included: Team-007 (Nguyen Doan Khue and Vu Tien Dung – AOF), Team D&M (Tran Khanh Duy – BAV and Hoang Thanh Mai – NEU), Team Sao Mai (Le Thanh Hung and Le Thi Thu Huyen – AOF) and the last team Fallacy came from FTU Hanoi (Tran Minh Khang and Pham Hong Quan). They were the brilliant winners beating more than other 700 students in Hanoi on the threshold of the final night.

Honored guests were Mr. Pham Van Hao M.A – Assistant Secretary AOF’s Youth Union, Sponsor Representatives from BTCI,, ColorMe and thousands of students came from universities in Hanoi.

Sponsors Representatives

Fallacy team

Sao Mai team

D&M team

007 team

The candidates must past 04 competition contents: Preparation, Start, Acceleration and Destination. At the Preparation stage they had a quick game within 90 minutes answering 10 questions, each correct answer would score them 10 points. At the second stage – Start: it was an eight-puzzled game quizzes, the candidates had to answer the quizzes hidden in each of the uncovered puzzle. The Team 007 was the winner of this round with maximum 120 points, followed them was Fallacy (110 points), Sao Mai (90) and D$M (40). The hidden title of the game was “APEC Vietnam 2017’.

The third game – Acceleration was the most breathing round with most effective strategic plans from the teams requiring extreme creativity and confidence. This round witnessed astonishing acceleration of Sao Mai team.

Destination round was the final game, candidates of the teams must pass the pick-up questions and a chance to double the scores with “Lucky Star”. At the end of the game, Sao Mai team rose with the same points to Fallacy – 170 points.

 “Laureate” was awarded to Fallacy team by beating up Sao Mai with 04 additional questions.

007 and D&M teams were conferred the Third Prizes

Up-runners Sao Mai came from AOF

Winner team Fallacy came from FTU

The event student coordinators

Source: AOF Youth Union

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